Metal Roofing

25 different colors in 3 different gauges in 9 different panels to choose from!

Strong, durable and energy efficient are a few ways to describe our metal roofing. Put your last roof on first!

We stock all standard trim to complete a metal roof… in all different colors!

In addition to the “best prices,” we also offer a 48-hour turn- around time on jobs and supply all the accessories needed to install the metal roof. This is the Big red difference!

Attention Customers

Not all metal is equal in regards to paint, thickness and durability! Big red metals only supplies the very best in painted products. We only supply Valspar weather XL paint coatings (40-year warranty) and Kynar500 (50 year warranty) to insure the very best products.

Metal roofing has grown in popularity in the past 10 years and with that came the growth of manufactures. Not all manufactures use quality paint systems and state of the art machines. When choosing where to purchase your last roof, be sure to do your “homework”. Come by or call us anytime and let us explain why putting a big red metal roof on your house or barn might be the best investment you will ever make.